Link Building Services. Customized.

We offer a comprehensive and personalized Link building service. Strategy, outreach, copywriting, and articles published on high-quality websites, all written by seasoned native-speaking copywriters in each specific language.


Straightforward Link Building Services.


We have been working for more than 7 years with agencies and top-level brands, running diverse and varied campaigns for different countries, in several markets and niches such as Gambling, Forex, Crypto, Insurance, Design, Tourism, Travel, Medicine, Marketplace, and many more!


Our team is composed of 10 experienced people exclusively dedicated to Link Building. We publish 100+ articles per month in 8 different languages. We have regular contact with more than 1,000 sites from all over the world. We are only focused on Link Building, and nothing but Link Building.


We know that, in our industry, not all promises are kept. Therefore, we only accept clients when we are confident that we can generate positive, fast, and measurable results. At the end of the webpage, you will find reviews from clients who have already worked with us! 🙂

Strategy, Outreach, Writing and Publishing

How we work

We offer a personalized and manual service, based on 4 pillars: Strategy – Outreach – Writing – Publishing. To do this, we carefully analyze your niche, the most suitable types of links to meet your needs, and the tools you will use to measure success (DA, DR, TF, CF, OT, or KWs). We work with all of them!

Once the client’s needs have been detected and the strategies defined, we focus on analyzing and locating in our database the sites that best meet those needs.

We have built a big database and a large number of business connections, with over 1000+ websites. This makes the process fluid and efficient.


Important clarification

We will not work with you if…. your website is not SEO optimized. The success of a Link Building strategy does not usually happen in a vacuum. That’s why we only accept clients who have previously done technical SEO (on-page SEO) on their site. If you haven’t done it yet, we recommend you to do it, as a precondition to start the journey with us. Actually, as a precondition for the Link building strategy to make sense! We want you to waste neither your money nor your time… and we don’t want to waste ours either.

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We work with native writers in each specific language, who understand how important it is to communicate in a natural and organic way. Thus, the reader benefits from the content and the focus is not only on earning the backlink.


We don’t use a one-size-fits-all solution. First, we listen, then we plan, and finally, we take action. We try to understand your needs and adapt our solution to the needs of your business.


Once the goal is defined, we will not stop until we reach it. There may be adjustments, modifications, and learning in the process, but we will not lose sight of your need nor will we spare any effort to satisfy it.


organization We work in an orderly manner. In large processes, there are things that can get lost, and we are aware of this. So we organize ourselves to avoid it. We are methodical, constant, and if necessary, insistent 🙂

Content creation

We understand the importance of the content beyond the backlink itself, so we pay special attention to context: in which site it will be published, the category where it will be located, and the audience that will read it.

As we all know, it is no longer enough to show just a link to Google… It is also necessary to prove that the link is added in an organic and natural context and that the article itself was developed to provide information to the users. We know not only that it is important to do it but also that not doing it could be dangerous. It may be similar to not wearing a seat belt in the car… Yes, that is a good analogy!

What do they say about us?

Leandro is a great professional, specializing in off-site SEO for Spanish and Italian markets. I have been working with Leandro for several years and it is a pleasure to have quick responses, fast delivery and above all high quality offsite optimization services.
I worked with Leo for several years and he was always super professional and kind. Would totally recommend him for any SEO or business looking for great strategy.
We have worked with Leandro in the Latin American and Swedish market and the communication went smoothly, the proposed websites were good and he helped us get a lot of great links in Sweden and Latin America.

We've been working with Leandro on a few Link Building Projects and couldn't recommend him any higher! He's extremely professional with both quality of work and timekeeping. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for SEO support within the UK, Spanish and Italian markets.




We are here to help you! We can answer your questions, think together if you really need us, or simply exchange ideas!​